Opus Numerics: Dr. David C. Hill

My expertise falls into three broad areas, wind energy, clinical trials and epidemiology and ocean and environmental sciences including climate change.

I endeavour to carry out mathematical and statistical modelling studies to solve numerical problems. I am able to draw upon a broad range of expertise, that demonstrates my ability to apply my technical skills to new areas. Currently semi-retired, I have produced these pages to outline some interests (past, present and future) of mine and spark some interest amongst interested parties.

Examples of applications in renewables energies include wind power prediction using advanced time series methods, extreme value stats in wind integration studies and validation of wind turbine wake models.

Areas of ocean and environmental science in which I have previously gained experience include prevention of coastal flooding, control of water quality via estimating suspended sediment fluxes and the use of tidal modelling to create maps of the inter-tidal zone.

Experience in medical stats includes the preparation of descriptive stats in tabular form as well as modelling using logistic regression and multi-level models.

Mathematical techniques employed include inverse methods; linear programming; time series algorithms (VAR, optimal smoothing, non-linear time series and chaos theory); optimal fingerprinting techniques; logistic regression; mixed-effect models and network maps.

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