Dr. David C. Hill

Selected publications in the field of ocean and environmental science.

"Derivation of sediment resuspension rates from acoustic backscatter time-series in tidal waters", D.C.Hill, S.E.Jones, D.Prandle, Continental Shelf Research Vol 23 (1), 2003.
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"Natural and anthropogenic causes of recent climate change", D.C.Hill, M.R.Allen ,N.P.Gillett, S.F.B.Tett, P.A.Stott, G.S.Jones, W.Ingram, J.F.B.Mitchell. In Detecting and Modelling Regional Climate Change, (Eds. Brunet India M., Lopez Bonillo, D. pub. Springer Verlag), 2001, pp275-290.
"A methodology for the numerical estimation of physical sediment parameters", D.C.Hill, Ph.D. thesis, University of Wales, Bangor, 1999.
"Assimilated modelling and measurement of suspended particulate matter in the Mersey", D.C.Hill, S.E.Jones, D.Prandle, AGU Conf., San Diego, Feb. 1996.